Battery testers, memory savers and testers

At IBERISA we offer the battery testers, memory savers and testers of our represented ELECTROMEM.

The equipment is designed for vehicle battery testing and testing of other systems.

You can also find memory savers and tool savers, essential tools in the workshop to work in a professional way.

Here are the models of battery testers, memory savers and multipurpose testers.

Battery tester

 XP 200

  • 3-in-1 multifunction tester.
  • Tyre pressure.
  • Battery tester.
  • Alternator tester.
  • A practical and versatile solution.


Battery tester

 XP 300

  • Verify batteries are connected and stored.
  • Checks the status of 12 V batteries that comply with different standards: SAE, DIN, EN, IEC, JIS. 

Battery tester

 XP 500

  • With the same functions as the XP 300 model and can also check the efficiency of the 12V starter and vehicle electrical systems.


Battery tester

 XP 900

  • With the same functions as the XP 500 model and in addition the XP900KIT can also check the efficiency of 12/24 volt alternators.


Saves memories MS12

  • Handy memory protector useful during vehicle battery replacement.

  • Its main function is not to lose information and software coding.

  • OBD connection..


  • Useful and necessary tool during the welding phases of the vehicle bodywork.
  • Protects on-board electronics even from voltage spikes.
    Suitable for 12 and 24 volt systems.

Multi-purpose tester PS 100

  • Performs all types of measurements such as power injection, ground tests, polarity control, continuity tests and component activation.
  • Allows quick reading of voltage, current and resistance. 

Spark plug tester PS 1000

  • Practical and useful electronic tester to check and test the glow plugs of all vehicles of all types and sizes. 12/24 V.
  • GP 1000 is suitable for all types of glow plugs (4.4-5-7-8.5-10-11 V). 

To download the complete Electromem catalogue with all battery products, click on the button. 

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