Water tanks

The water tanks made of high-density polyethylene are suitable for the storage of foodstuffs and drinking water, and for the collection of rainwater.

Linear polyethylene is a non-toxic, lightweight material that is highly resistant to mechanical and chemical stresses and, thanks to this material, the tanks are perfectly suitable for contact with food water and are certified for such use.

Rotational moulding and the use of special high-density linear polyethylene formulations give the water tanks exceptional resistance to temperature fluctuations and UV rays.

Their total opacity, as they are coloured in mass by extrusion, prevents the algae from getting caught, keeping the product contained in perfect condition.

Some of its advantages:

  • Lightweight and easy to move.
  • Thanks to the monolithic structure with uniform wall thickness, there are no critical points, no welds and no structural stresses.
  • They are easy to clean with normal detergents thanks to the perfectly polished surfaces.
  • High resistance to ageing.
  • Wide range of fittings available.

All tanks have a top hatch with screw lid.

A wide range of box type fittings with threaded or flanged terminals is also available for different application requirements.

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