ADBLUE tanks, dispensers and reservoirs

In this section you can find the wide range of systems for the ADBLUE management.

We have a wide range of ADBLUE transport tanks, ADBLUE dispensers, ADBLUE tanks, etc.

The scope of application of the products is very wide, from the agricultural sector to the entire automotive sector.

Here we show you the different ADBLUE tanks and reservoirs all of them are approved according to the regulations. 


In compliance with the new European regulations (Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards) on emissions, new commercial vehicles must have a system for reducing nitrogen oxides (NOx) by means of a selective catalytic reactor (SCR).

The formation of NOx derives from the combustion process of the fuel (diesel) as a result of the high temperatures reached in the combustion chamber, i.e. in the engine; these high temperatures favour the combination of oxygen with nitrogen, compounds present in the combustion itself.

In order to reduce NOx concentrations, which would pollute the environment, the aqueous solution with a high purity of urea, at a concentration of 32.5% (AdBlue®), is injected, by means of a series of automatic devices, between the engine and the catalytic converter. The Ad-Blue® acts by decomposing into ammonia and CO2; once in the catalytic converter, the ammonia reacts with the NOx giving rise to two harmless substances already present in the atmosphere in significant quantities: water and elemental nitrogen.

Thanks to a careful and meticulous study of the evolution of this specific sector, we have developed a series of products aimed at satisfying all market demands, both for tanks for the transport and storage of small quantities, as well as for the demands of high storage and supply quantities, such as large fleets of company vehicles, municipal and public transport companies.

All Ad-Blue® transfer and dispensing systems we supply have been designed and built to ensure the preservation of the integrity of the product being dispensed while allowing fast operations in complete safety.

Our systems are made up of polyethylene tanks, possibly in containers and thermo-insulated, and by appropriate supply systems; moreover, they have been designed and built to allow a correct and proper management of the product and, therefore, to guarantee an optimal functioning of the SCR systems.

Whatever the size of your company fleet and the specific needs of your project, IBERISA can provide you with the optimal solution to store and supply AdBlue® effectively and efficiently.

adblue system

BLUETANK Tanks - ADBLUE dispensers

  • High density linear polyethylene tanks, monolithic, with high mechanical resistance.
  • Capacities available: 3,000 l, 5,000 l, 7,500 l, 10,000 l.

BLUEBOX box for storage and distribution of ADBLUE

  • Support structure made of galvanized carbon steel, can be lifted from below with a forklift.

EMILCADDY mobile container for the supply of ADBLUE

  • Polyethylene containers with 12V or 24V battery electric pump, flow rate 30 l/m.
  • Capacities 55, 110 litres.


  • Capacities of 220, 330-440 litres.
  • With 12 or 24 V battery pump with a capacity of 30 l/min.
  • 4 m of electric cable and hose with gun.

HIPPOTANK- Mobile polyethylene containers for ADBLUE

  • Hippotank® is made of rotomoulded linear polyethylene, a material that guarantees excellent resistance.
  • Its transparency also allows the content level to be continuously monitored.
  • Tank capacity 960 litres.
  • The supply unit consists of a 12 V or 24 V battery electric pump.

EMILTROLLEY - Mobile trolleys for the supply of ADBLUE

  • Trolley for vehicle abstemiousness equipped with 220V pump, flow rate 30 l/m, 4m of cable, 3m of supply hose and automatic gun.
  • Emiltrolley® can be equipped alternatively with hand gun and hand pump.
  • Electronic litre counter and printer.
  • With a capacity of 220 litres.

EMILBLUE STATION  Service station for ADBLUE

  • Emilblue Station is the new AdBlue filling station complete with metric and electronic head with MID certification. The tank capacity is equal to 2 000 and 3 000 litres (larger capacities available on request).
  • The dimensions of the petrol station are designed for installation on existing fuel dispensing platforms.

Fuel dispensers for transport and storage of fuels 

  • Self Service MC70: New pump for private use.
  • ADBTHREE25Innovative distribution group for ADBLUE® designed for coupling with IBC type tanks.
  • ADBBOX: Supply unit designed so that it can be easily removed from a tank and moved to another container.

Polyethylene tanks for ADBLUE

  • The tanks of the INDUSTRY line are made of neutral colored polymers with additives to resist U.V. rays.
  • Thanks to their particular colouring and thickness, they are suitable for the containment of chemical products other than water. 


  • Portable unit for AdBlue® transfer, equipped with battery-operated electric pump with 12 V or 24 V DC motor.
  • Typical fields of use for this transfer kit are the refuelling of agricultural and transport machines.

GIANTank Polyethylene tank for storage and supply of ADBLUE

  • GIANTank® is a solution for the storage and dispensing of large quantities of AdBlue® in a compact, ergonomic and highly resistant tank thanks to its high density rotomoulded polyethylene construction.
  • Capacity of 3300 litres.


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