Basket parts washer SIMPLEX BIG

Industrial parts washer SIMPLEX BIG 1B

The industrial parts washer SIMPLEX BIG is a system for the washing of heavy and large components of industrial vehicles and industrial parts.

The washing process consists of the action of the lower, lateral and upper pressurized water jets that act on the pieces placed in the basket.

The PLC management system allows programming of times, temperatures, levels, signals and alarms, as well as a large number of customisations thanks to a wide range of accessories.

The simple and intuitive software is available in many languages.

The SIMPLEX BIG rotary parts washer is available in 2 versions:

  • Electric LT: maximum working temperature setting of 60º C.
  • Electric HT: maximum working temperature setting of 80º C.

In addition there are 5 different versions depending on capacities and features: SIMPLEX BIG 1B 1000, SIMPLEX BIG 1B 1200, SIMPLEX BIG 1B 1400, SIMPLEX BIG 1B 1800 and SIMPLEX BIG 1B 2200.

As they are made of stainless steel, they are machines made to last a lifetime. 

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Video SIMPLEX BIG industrial washing machine 

All rotary basket parts washers of the SIMPLEX BIG series offer:

  • Timed extraction of vapours.
  • Two-hand control for closing the door with the security control unit.
  • Fixed external loading/unloading station with Aisi 304 stainless steel drip tray.
  • ISO pneumatic cylinders and "anti-drop" pneumatic safety valves.
  • Cast iron electric pump with special seals.
  • INOX Aisi 304 steel filter on the pump suction.
  • Control of the minimum liquid level in the tank, for the protection of the pump and the resistance.
  • Control of the maximum liquid level in the tank and automatic water loading solenoid valve.
  • Series of upper, lateral and lower washing pipes (rinsing and blowing) rotating in Aisi 304 stainless steel laser-perforated (+ precision, - maintenance).
  • Incoloy stainless steel electrical resistors.
  • Limit switch on lid opening.
  • IP65 electrical panel, electromechanical controls.
  • Structure and plates in contact with the liquid in stainless steel Aisi 304.
  • Lower supporting structure made of galvanized steel.
  • Triple door seal (bottom, top and side).
  • Reinforced platform of pressed trellis with raised outer edge, made of galvanized iron.
  • Waste discharge door for easy cleaning of the tanks.

What the HT version offers

  • Thermal insulation with AISI 430 stainless steel panels.
Dimensions closed (LxDxH)165x260x200 cm185x280x210 cm205x310x220 cm240x390x235 cm285x470x240 cm
Dimensions open (LxDxH)165x240x275 cm185x300x295 cm205x330x315 cm240x395x340 cm285x480x345 cm
Washing capacity (DiameterxH)90×70 cm110×80 cm128×90 cm165×100 cm200×100 cm
Basket capacity600 kg600 kg600 kg800 kg800 kg
Tank capacity280 l350 l500 l700 l1000 l
Washing pump3.0 kW 2.5 bar 300 l/min3.0 kW 2.5 bar 300 l/min3.0 kW 2.5 bar 400 l/min3,0 kW 2,5 bar 450 l/min3.0 kW 2.5 bar 500 l/min
High pressure wash pump5.5 kW 5.0 bar 300 l/min5.5 kW 5.0 bar 350 l/min5.5 kW 5.0 bar 400 l/min7.5 kW 5.0 bar 450 l/min7.5 kW 5.0 bar 500 l/min
Wash heating10.0 kW12.0 kW18.0 kW30.0 kW40.0 kW
Mechanical rotation0.18 kW0.18 kW0.18 kW0.18 kW0.18 kW
Fume extractor0,25 kW 320 Nm3/h0,25 kW 320 Nm3/h0.37 kW 580 Nm3/h0.37 kW 580 Nm3/h2 x 0.37 kW 580 Nm3/h
Disc de-oiler0.09 kW0.09 kW0.09 kW0.09 kW0.09 kW
Vapour condenser0.20 kW0.20 kW0.48 kW0.48 kW0.48 kW
Oil or methane burner heating0.17 kW0.17 kW0.17 kW0.17 kW0.17 kW
Tank emptying pump0.37 kW0.37 kW0.37 kW0.37 kW0.37 kW
Drying with resistors5.2 kW5.2 kW5.2 kW5.2 kW5.2 kW
Blowing (air consumption 4 bar)250 Nm3/h300 Nm3/h350 Nm3/h400 Nm3/h500 Nm3/h
Number of nozzles4956668193
SIMPLEX BIG rotary basket parts washers can be added to the SIMPLEX BIG models:

  • Increased washing height.
  • Drying with heating elements and blower.
  • Additional external carriage.
  • Centrifugal steam condenser.
  • Additional stainless steel platform.
  • Additional platform in galvanized steel.
  • Thermal insulation of the bag filter.
  • Automatic liquid detergent dispenser for washing.
  • Disc de-oiler with geared motor.
  • HT pneumatic external de-oiler.
  • Bag filter in the washing pump.
  • Manual washing, external controls, pumps and rotation.
  • Kit for use with abrasive products.
  • Kit for use with highly caustic chemicals.
  • Capacity increased to 1000 Kg.
  • High pressure washing pump.
  • Platform and radial support in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Panels under the platform.
  • External platform with hydraulic lift, H=30 cm.
  • Heating with oil or methane burner.
  • Retention tank.
  • Rinse from mains water and direct drainage.
  • Compressed air blowing.
  • Bleaching of internal welds.
  • Fixed external station (instead of trolley).
  • Mesh edges, removable, H=200 mm in stainless steel.
  • Emptying pump.
  • Pipes with stainless steel blade nozzles.
  • Double loading/unloading station.
  • Double loading/unloading station with stainless steel platforms.
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