Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine DPF1800

Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine DPF1800

The particulate filter washers DPF1800 are machines specialized in the cleaning of FAP and catalytic converters of passenger cars, vans and industrial vehicles.

This machine is the only method that guarantees the recovery of the efficiency of particulate filters and catalytic converters up to 98 %.

It works by injecting hot water under pressure with detergent in different washing cycles.

The detergent is introduced into the water tank in a proportion of 8 %.

Through its control panel with touch screen, the washing cycles can be programmed depending on the filter or catalytic converter of the vehicle to be treated.

In the control panel there is also a printer that prints a ticket with the filter values before and after cleaning.

Its adjustable platform allows to adjust filters of industrial and heavy vehicles for a deep cleaning.

There are two models  DPF 1800 (without drying pump) and DPF 1800 PRO (with drying pump)

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Video particulate filter washer DPF1800

  • This machine cleans and dries filters in 25 minutes for cars and up to 90 minutes for FAP and SCR in trucks.
  • Operation is automatic or manually programmable through the control panel.
  • It has a system of 5 stainless steel filters designed to filter impurities in the circuit and always work with clean water.
  • Ticket printing with the verification of the recovery of filters and catalysts.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Software developed to optimize cleaning by distinguishing between particulate filter and catalytic converter.
  • Maintenance is reduced. (Stainless steel filter cleaning and water change).
Washing capacity1800x600x1000 mm1800x600x1000 mm
Load capacity250 kg250 kg
Feeding3 PH+T+N - 380/400 V3 PH+T+N - 380/400 V
Internal lightL70 / IP67L70 / IP67
Consumption20 kW27 kW
Air consumption100 l / 6 bar100 l / 6 bar
Touch screen7″10″
External dimensions2320x1000x2000 mm2320x1000x2000 mm
Adapters for different filters and catalytic converters. Special liquid for cleaning particulate filters.
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