In Iberisa we have a wide range of machinery that offers integral cleaning solutions for mechanical workshops and industry.

Our catalogue offers equipment for professional cleaning in different processes in mechanical workshops and industry.

Below you can see some of the equipment we offer to present a professional solution and if you have any questions or need more information do not hesitate to contact us.


IBERCLEAN 2000 particle filter and catalytic converter cleaning machine

It can work with filters of passenger cars, vans and industrial vehicles guaranteeing the recovery of 98 % from the initial values of the filter.

Two models available:
  • IBERCLEAN 2000 (without drying pump)
  • IBERCLEAN 2000 PRO (with drying pump)

At present it is a machine with a great business opportunity due to the price of particulate filters for both cars and heavy vehicles.

Its operation is very simple and intuitive as well as its maintenance due to the filters built in stainless steel to avoid having to change cartridges and spare parts.

Solutions for parts washing in garages and industry

  • Manual washing machines.

  • Automatic rotary washing machines.
  • Washing machines for large parts of industrial vehicles.

In every machine shop and industry a parts washer is needed to speed up the repair and production cycles respectively.

With more than 40 years of experience in the field of cleaning machines, the washing machines of our represented TEKNOX offer a solution to the different processes that can be found in the industrial and automotive sectors.

Custom designs can be made for cleanings with special features.

Engine decarbonizers

A solution for vehicle maintenance and performance recovery.

Ideal for troubleshooting particulate filter problems and removing carbon from the exhaust system.

Made of stainless steel.

Operation only with water without additives.

3 models available: LPH300, LPH2300, LPH4600.

Manual and automatic gun washers

A solution for cleaning spray guns, nozzles and components in paint shops.

A wide variety of models that meet all the required standards.

Ultrasonic washers

Both for industry and workshop we have a wide range that fits all kinds of needs.

Models are made to measure and seeking to offer the perfect solution to the problems posed by customers.

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