A pit cat is ideal for regular service work on heavy vehicles such as grease and oil changes, transmission repairs, tyre repairs, etc.

In Iberisa we offer the solution to these tasks with a wide range of pit jacks of our represented Cattini.

Within the catalogue of pit jacks we can find jacks on traverse, suspended jacks and jacks with wheels for the bottom of the pit. In addition to their accessories and complements.

Here we show you their most striking features and what jobs they are suitable for depending on their type.


Jacks on sleeper for pit

This type of jack is ideal for shops that perform tire service, body shop service and leaf spring shops.

They are placed on a naughty which can be made to measure to fit into any workshop pit.

  • The YAK 301T, YAK 302T and YAK 303T models are controlled by a control knob that opens and closes the passage for the pistons to rise.
  • The YAK 215T, YAK 217T and YAK 221T are controlled by simple levers that raise and lower the pistons.

Both series have minimum heights of 155 mm, 175 mm and 222 mm respectively.

The capacity of the pistons is 30-15 t.

For more specifications and measurements see the catalogue at the end of the article. 

Suspended pit jacks

This type of pit jack is ideal for mechanical services such as transmission changes and other components that require additional space, which is provided by the design of this equipment.

There are 3 different series:

  • YAK 1600There are two models with capacities of 10 and 15 t respectively and a stroke of 600 mm.
  • YAK 1800There are two models with capacities of 10 and 15 t respectively and a stroke of 600 mm.
  • YAK 2120This model has two pistons with capacities of 15-5 t and reaching 1200 mm in total.

In addition there are special series YAK 1620C and YAK 1820C which have a capacity of 20 t and the ability to move the pistons in the sleeper axis.


Sleeper configuration for suspended pit jacks

Once you have chosen the most suitable pit jack for your workshop services, you can choose from the appropriate sleepers.

There are 4 sleepers to choose from S, M, L and P.

The sleepers S, M and L have a defined depth and a width between 850-1,015 mm.

When the dimensions of the pit are different, a custom sleeper (P) is required, in which depth and width can be defined.

Another thing to determine is the shape of the guide on which the jack will roll.

Depending on their shape, standard or conical wheels can be chosen.

Switchboard configuration

As standard the suspended jacks come with a manual version at no extra cost but there are two control unit options with additional options:

Control unit EASY version:

  • With fast approach.
  • Lift button.
  • Rapid descent.

Control unit TOP version:

  • It has the features of the EASY.
  • Lifting speed regulation.
  • Motor speed selection.
  • Millimetric descent.

How to choose the suspended pit jack for the workshop?

Summarizing what we have seen above, we must take into account a number of aspects to choose the cat that best suits the pit:

  • Pit dimensions.
  • Work to be carried out and choice of suspended jack.
  • Choosing the right sleeper for the pit.
  • Choice of control unit.

Demonstration video of suspended pit jacks


Oleo-pneumatic jacks with wheels for pits


The cats on wheels are ideal for lifting heavy vehicles and carrying out repairs and maintenance of gearboxes and differentials.

There are 2 models available YAK 2810 and YAK 2815.

The capacities are 10-20 t and 15-30 t respectively and the stroke of both is 1,185 mm.

As with the suspended pit models, you can also choose the EASY or TOP control unit.

In addition there are 2 versions of wheels:

  • Pneumatic version with a capacity of 1200 kg.
  • Spring version with 600 kg capacity.

Demonstration video of pit jacks on wheels


The first aspect to take into account when choosing a workshop pit jack is to be clear about the most common repairs and services in order to choose between the different types (jacks on traverse, suspended or with wheels).

The configuration of the pit jacks and accessories allows you to choose between different sleepers adapted to each pit, different control units depending on the characteristics required and additional accessories for special jobs.

For further advice please contact us and we will help you to choose the right pit jack.

Below you can download the catalogue of pit jacks and see all the models.


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