Body Repair Bench LB7000

Body Repair Bench LB7000

The COIRO LB7000 bench is a bench capable of carrying out all the repairs that are required in the body shop. 

It is a unique bench in the world with double scissors lifting system.

Some of its main advantages:

  • Exceptional height.
  • 4 anchorage points and measured from any position of the vehicle.
  • No pipe or cable obstructions in the work area.
  • 360º rotation of the shots.
  • All operations are controlled by the keypad.
  • Shots and dimas always on the bench.
  • Saving time, fatigue and money.

The operation of the LB7000 Coiro repair bench can be seen in the following video. 

Photo Gallery Bench LB7000 COIRO

Video bench LB7000 COIRO

  • No air connections.

  • Without pneumatic pump.
  • 14 anchor points.

  • 14 measuring points.

  • Millimetric adjustment of the chain.

  • Cast steel traverse.

  • Button panel with pull and elevation commands.

  • A single screw to lock the sleeper.

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