Mini Body Repair Bench LB2500

Mini body repair bench LB2500

The COIRO mini bench LB2500 is a very versatile quickdraw bench and is one of the best-selling benches worldwide.

Thanks to its design, it can be used as a drawbench and also as a hoist, which gives a wide range of working options in the workshop.

Some of its differentiating characteristics are:

  • No need for trestles to support and subsequently place the clamps.
  • The pulling arm and jaws can move around the 360º perimeter.
  • The pulling arm can be adjusted up to 90º without losing strength or angle, a very important feature that all specialists know.

To view a summary of the mini-bank analysis on the part of Cesvimap Click on the third tab and download the summary file with all the features and tests performed.

The operation of the mini repair bench can be seen in the following video. 

Photo Gallery Bench LB2500 COIRO

Video bench LB2500 COIRO

  • No easels required to rest on and then position the clamps, but thanks to its design, the clamps on which the body rests can be positioned at any height.

  • Once these are in place and lowered, thanks to its support legs, the clamp of the pulling arm is at the perfect height to be incorporated into the platform of the bed.

  • Both the pulling arm, the jaw supports and the arms with the lifting lugs can be moved 360º by the platform.

  • The draw arm allows to regulate the angle up to 90º, always keeping this angle and making the vertical movement of the chain upwards, which makes that no loss of pulling power and angle.

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