Body repair stands

At IBERISA we offer the body repair benches of our represented brand COIRO.

We can guarantee that our bodywork benches are the most reliable and reliable more efficient and complete of the market.

Coiro is a manufacturer that has been manufacturing these body repair benches since 1980, which has allowed the continuous development of its equipment, until obtaining a stretching bench for body repairer with all the accessories that may be needed to do the job and of a high quality.

The mini repair bench LB2500 is one of the best selling models in the world and is a model ideal for the body shop.

With this car bench we can carry out bodywork repair work and it can also be used as a lift.

There are also more complete models of benches to carry out large repairs on vehicle bodywork and chassis.

For trucks and industrial vehicles, we also have bedplates, you can ask us for more information.

Here is our offer of body repair benches.

Bench LB1000

  • Bedplate for body repair 4000 mm long.
  • With 180º mobile shot with pump and chain with hook.

Mini repair bench LB2500

  • Bench and elevator at the same time.
  • Shot can be positioned anywhere on the mini repair bench.

Bench LB5000

  • Body repair bench with movable pulling arm that can be positioned along any of the 12 points distributed around the perimeter.

Bench LB7000

  • Unique body repair bench with double scissor lift.
  • The ideal bench to solve all problems.

Bedplate for truck body and chassis repairs

The truck bed BLACKHAWK HD KOREK is composed of a modular system installed on the ground that allows the movement of the draw towers on the surface allowing all types of repairs to be carried out.

To see all the details and the demo video, click on the button.

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